Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Phone bill

Well I got my phone bill in the mail and quickly went into a menopause meltdown! It got worse when I realized that I really didn't understand how to read the bill. You know I may be the only person that doesn't really pay attention to the actual bill unless I notice an amount on there that requires me to dig for gold.

Well as any good person would do that doesn't want to lose their services I called the phone company and had a two hour smack down with them. FYI I lost. I waited patiently on hold and listened to promotions about new services. Which I found ironic since I obviously don't understand my current services. And then I was transfered 27thousand times (a bit of an exaggeration) and asked to repeat my problem 27 THOUSAND TIMES!

Little helper person: "How can I help you?"

Menopause Me: "There SEEMS to be a mistake on my bill."

Little helper person: "I can help you with that."

Menopause Me: "There are several amounts on my bill that I don't understand."

Little helper person: "I can help you with that."

Menopause Me: "OK"

Menopause Me: "Hello?"

Little helper person: "I'm looking at your bill"

Menopause Me: "Hello?"

Little helper person: "did you hear about our newest promotion?"

Impatient ME: "Y E S, But I'm calling about my bill"

Annoying helper person: "I'm looking at your bill."

Now I understand that there are services and things out there in "Phone world" that I don't understand but that is why I'm calling for help. And let me tell you I learned that I have lost my backbone. That little helper person is good! I mean I came out of that conversation with no understanding of my bill....other than I have to pay it....and the little helper person got me to cancel my satellite and sold me on a new service for their version of cable. Their coming to install it today. I think my bill will be less but I was so confused by the time we were done that I really couldn't tell you. I know that my children have been cut off from use of the internet on their cell phones. They said "Thank you" when I told them. "Thank you?" I said...yes sometimes we ACCIDENTALLY get on there. Ummm would that be 27 THOUSAND ACCIDENTS?

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