Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday

So here it is Palm Sunday and I am in a frenzy over what to cook Easter Sunday. I have watched the Food Network channel and have decided that I am not Paula Dean. I would like to live a long life. Notice I did not say healthy I just said long and the amount of butter, sugar and carbs that are cooked in one episode would send both me and my guests straight to the ER.

I've thought about trying to cook like Emeril. But I like a little too much BAM of the bad stuff he cooks with. That Giada of Everyday Italian is another really great cook but she is NOT ever going to put on one pound. Honestly I am just jealous of her. The fact that she can cook like that and then look like that is just flabbergasting to me.

What about those Iron Chefs!? Aren't they something! I've tried to chop and dice like they do but after I almost took out one of my fingers I decided that perhaps I should stop.

I like Jamie Oliver aka The Naked Chef. But now he's off on a mission to save the children from the Lunch Ladies from the Black Lagoon. Have you seen that show? Those Ladies didn't seem very helpful to poor Jamie and then when he asked about knifes....well I just thought that the head lunch lady was going to stab him.

Martha Stewart is always a safe menu but that would require me to have my own farm animals, garden and make bread from scratch. Not happening.

Which brings me to Sandra Lee and her semi-homemade cooking. Now that's my kinda cooking. It requires a trip to the supermarket and the rest should be easily found in your pantry. Problem is I don't have a pantry like that and I hate to grocery shop.

Which leads me to take out at the Honey Baked Ham Company! I think it has all of these fabulous Chefs ingredients on the menu and they cook it for you! What could be better? So a very Happy Palm Sunday to all and don't forget to put the Chocolate Bunnies out for the kiddos!

I see a trip to Honey Baked Ham in my future!