Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Must Brag!

Yes!!! I must Brag!!! Our beautiful daughter has received an invitation to be a part of her dance studio's Ballet Company!!!!! She received the invitation in the mail yesterday. We are so excited for her and couldn't be prouder parents!!!

So Kuddo's and much love to you beautiful girl for working hard to make your dreams come true!! We know that you'll do great and that you will achieve all that you work hard to excel in. Life is a great journey when you choose the path best for you!!

This is our youngest daughter Kat and the best "bonus baby" we could have asked for! She is the most positive member of our family. Remember the movie "Pollyanna"? That's our Kat!

We LOVE YOU BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well the ear appointment was last Friday and I'm still in shock over the diagnosis. My saintly husband is the only man I know that can come back from an ear appointment with an official diagnosis of "SELECTIVE HEARING"! That's what I'm calling it!

First I want to tell you that he did stress that the person giving him the exam was a woman. Then he said "I have a problem hearing Women and Children's voices because of the pitch"......

Really???? Now I could have told you that for free!

Do you have any trouble hearing men?.... No?.... O.K.

So I have had a talk with the kiddo's, and to help out we're all going to talk in very low tones until we find another solution.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


So today was eye examine day for my beloved hubby! At 8:00 am he headed out the door for his 8:30 appointment. He hates to be late and seeing (no pun intended) that we only live five minutes from the eye center he had to leave at eight.

Now when I didn't hear from him by ten I was getting more than a little concerned. Maybe they were running behind or maybe he had to fill out papers. We all know this would take extra time especially if you can't see the questions on the paperwork. Things were starting to run through my mind. What could be taking so long? I called his cell and no answer....

At 10:30 am, two hours later, my beloved hubby walked thru the door. Now I am not kidding when I say that we only live FIVE minutes from the eye center. We could literally walk there if we had to.

He was wearing those know the ones...we call them "old people glasses". They give them to you to protect your eyes from the rays of the sun because of the chemicals used to test your eyes. Now my beloved doesn't care about fashion at all so these glasses are not an issue for him. In fact I will share a secret with you...he keeps them in the car and when he can't find his sunglasses those are what he puts on. He has a "stash" as he calls it.

These glasses make me laugh. I don't know what I find so funny about them but each time I see a pair I smile. Now my hubby knows this and he cannot see me laughing because everything is very blurry after this eye exam. I know he can't see because not only does he not remove these glasses but he also asks me to close the curtains and blinds.

I do so willingly and then sit with him while he tells me all about his appointment. Glasses will be here in a week. I needed a stronger lens. My eyes have gotten worse. Bad news but nothing to seriously wrong. So why...I ask him...why were you gone so long?......

I couldn't see to drive home.

So now I'm feeling pretty bad about laughing at the glasses and maybe I should have gone with him. But wait....I leave the room to tend to the kiddos and come back and he has managed to cook a small brunch for us.

"I hope it's done" he says, "I couldn't tell"

Now my hubby is a great cook but let me tell you I have NEVER eaten anything like what he served me today. And after the morning he had...I ate it. Now I'm not sure if things were clearing up for him or not but I think that his eyeballs were clear enough that he could see the reaction on my face. "How is it?" he asks, "Fine", I reply.

"Oh by the way", he says, "I have a Hearing Test tomorrow."

"O.K." I screamed.