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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well the ear appointment was last Friday and I'm still in shock over the diagnosis. My saintly husband is the only man I know that can come back from an ear appointment with an official diagnosis of "SELECTIVE HEARING"! That's what I'm calling it!

First I want to tell you that he did stress that the person giving him the exam was a woman. Then he said "I have a problem hearing Women and Children's voices because of the pitch"......

Really???? Now I could have told you that for free!

Do you have any trouble hearing men?.... No?.... O.K.

So I have had a talk with the kiddo's, and to help out we're all going to talk in very low tones until we find another solution.


linny's said...

ha ha so now we can talk all we want about him in our "high" pitch tone and he won't hear a word!! How perfect;).

Millie the Meegrim said...

Women's and children's voices... sounds pretty suspicious to me!

jessica said...

your sister linda told me to check out your are so funny, but then again, it's easy to be funny when discussing men :-)

themrs said...

AHHA! that must be what's wrong with my husband!