Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I am now hooked on a new show. At least it's a new show to me because I'm usually a season or two behind at all times. I'm very intrigued with Tori & Dean. They just seem to let's see how do I put this....well, intriguing to me. I usually don't watch these types of shows mostly because I don't have time but this little nugget has caught my eye. I mean look at Tori with her cute little duster and Dean well let's just say he's no plumber that's ever shown up at our house! I would have been clogging the drains myself if that were the case! And I must say I'm very impressed with them as parents. At least what has been shown for us to view.

Monkey! Which is their son's name is just a little gem. Now he has a real name but they call him Monkey or Monk so I have embedded this name into my brain and Monkey he will remain. I've noticed that a lot of his Jammies (you know P.J.'s, Pajama's, Jams) are the ones I have for our own little nugget which makes me feel like I have good fashion sense for at least one member of our household.

On a recent episode the topic of Preschool came up during an OB check up. I personally think that Dr. OB has the hots for Tori (or the camera) and is trying to impress her with his knowledge of Preschool. I could be wrong....anyway this sent them off in a search for the perfect Preschool for Monkey. He is only fourteen months old. Now this had me questioning at what age should Preschool be introduced? When we were young it was before the age of four or at least until the year before you started Kindergarten if you got to go at all. I believe it was considered a luxury back then. I followed this rule with my children as well. Not because I did not want to send them much sooner it's just that we were too poor to make a showing before then. Now days it seems that they are being enrolled before birth.

Ahh so much has changed and so much has remained the same. The question of the right thing to do is different for all of us whether it's Preschool or not. So kudos to Tori & Dean for doing what the rest of us are doing. We're all just trying to figure life out!

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