Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Birthday!! Doobie Star!!

Okie dokie here we go!!! Tomorrow is my forty-third birthday and as a gift to myself I decided that I would attempt to B L O G! I have been a reader of blogs for the last two years and am not even going to attempt to explain why I think that anyone would want to read this and at the same time cannot explain why I have been a reader for the last two years! Strange this turn of events for me. I have no formal training in blogging ( is that even available yet?) or journalism or any form of writing at all. So bare with me...I promise I will...will... make NO promises!!!!

I am forty-three tomorrow and feeling every bit of it! Only spent five years in the sixties. I miss the seventies, eighties and regret part of the nineties. 2000? Hasn't been too bad so far. I have five biological children and one baby (long story) that we are caring for at this time! Three children are grown and live on their own and three are still at home. Age range from 24 being the oldest, to 1 being the youngest.

I am married to the only man on the planet capable of handling me. My husband is a saint! I mean it he really is all my friends say so. Of course none of them live with him...and they don't do his laundry or errands or cooking or cleaning or the yard work...hey I'm starting to get pissed. Maybe I shouldn't blog....... oh my .......that saint just handed me another Martini! Told you he knew how to handle me!!

Maybe I'll be back!