Monday, July 21, 2008

The day after!

Okie the birthday was AWSOME!! My husband is the best! Breakfast in bed and then the best gift I could ask for.....wait for it....knock at the door and oh girlfriends!!! So happy that we got away! My girls are the BEST!! Couldn't ask for a better set of friends! I read somewhere that every girl needs five girlfriends in her life. Of course I don't remember what all five were, but I have four of the best!

We went to see MAMA MIA!!!! No Batman for these girls! We love ABBA! Who doesn't? Don't answer that because I know not everyone "LOVES ABBA" and I couldn't take the truth after seeing MAMA MIA! Who knew that James Bond could sing. I only know it was him because I sat in silent support of a marathon of James Bond flicks with my husband as he introduced our boys to Bond. I'm pretty sure that they were being introduced to the Bond ladies!

Anyway after singing and dancing our way to embarrassment, without alcohol I might add, we ventured to a fine dining establishment and continued the day with not having to cook, serve or clean up. That's when a married mommy knows she's having a special day! I actually ate hot food. In fact I had to wait for it to cool down, which every mommy knows that you blow on your food and then proceed to chopping it into little bits so that you don't choke. After arranging my food into carbs, veggies, and more carbs I ate the yummiest lunch I've had in a long time! Ahhh food glorious food....and then we did what all mommies do.....we looked at each other, smiled, paid and headed for Barnes & Noble!

Ahh what a great day! When we were done we headed back to the house and found that our children have the best care in all the land! The daddies! They were all doing fine and our husbands....well let's just say they are very happy to let us have our time!

Thanks Girls for one of the best days and thank you husband for the best birthday gift yet! Told you....he knows me!

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linny's said...

I so HAPPY you had an awesome birthday, it's well deserved! I don't know about the Mamma Mia movie, I think I'll stick with the soundtrack lol. but heh we get to go see the Dark Night this week :). Oh do I get to borrow those books when you are done with them(ya know the ones you bought at B&N?) PLEASE SISTA!!!