Thursday, September 11, 2008


Looks harmless doesn't he? He sits in a tree waiting to see if I'm watching so that he can jump down into my garden to steal my tomatoes!!! This squirrel and all his little friends are thieves!!!

Now I love nature. I'm all for these guys getting ready for the winter and having enough food. I am just a "little" upset that they have chosen my garden to ROB!! They actually sit on my fence and stare at me while they eat my tomatoes!! UGH!!!

Now in their defense (and you know they need one) they think I'm crazy and I'm more than positive that these little creatures are using me for their own amusement. How many squirrels do you know sit on a fence and watch you. It's kinda creepy. But I have provided some fine entertainment for them.

I run out my back door and yell and wave my hands trying to chase them away from my garden. I have thrown my dogs bouncy balls at them, rocks, wood chips, little cars from the kids sand box, and one morning in my desperation to save a tomato I threw my coffee! Now you know I was desperate if I gave up a cup of my precious morning mojo!!

We have gotten five tomatoes from our garden and we planted five tomato vines. That's one tomato per plant that we've eaten this summer and the squirrels have had the rest. Now I've been taken advantage of before...but never by a squirrel!!!!!!

No kidding I'm going to shoot me some squirrels!! I will start Christmas decorating early this year. I see a tree full of squirrels in blue, red, yellow and perhaps green. I think I see a paint ball gun in my future!!

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linny's said...

poor poor squirls let them have the tomatoes, it's not like they can go to the store and buy them. Just Kidding!!!