Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mogan David

This little bottle is what I remember seeing in my Nana's fridge. Now that I'm older and into the wine phase of my life I have the ability to try this little gem.

What can I say but....ummmm.... not for me. I may not put it on my top ten but what I can say as I sip away is "what in the world could have inspired my grandmother to love Mogen David?" We are not Jewish and therefore it could not be that it is kosher. We are not vegan, it is on the vegan list for wines. I read that somewhere as I was doing a little searching for Mogen David. So definatly not that. I love me some cow and chicken and apologies to the vegans.

What it has done for me is help me to remember my Nana. And that is what inspires me to buy this little gem of kosher wine. It is approved for use during passover and this is something that reminds me of her. She loved her church and her bible and her family and I miss her more with each passing year.

I wish I could ask her about this Mogen David. And tell her that I love her. But I will continue to sip away and try to unravil this mystery that is Mogen David. Perhaps I will grab a pastrami sandwich as well.

I see Mogen David in my future!!

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linny's said...

ohhhh beautiful Nana! What a fun memory :)! I would have never thought she even drank!