Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why get vaccinated

Influenza ("flu"), that's why!!! I have Diabetes. It's a fact that I've tried several times without success to argue with my doctors. Who among us wants to admit that we have anything wrong, let alone a chronic disease. So this year I finally gave in and admitted that I have Diabetes and received the Flu vaccine. And to boot I had each member of our children still living at home get the vaccine to!!

I have to give it to them!! They argued with me that they were not at risk. I heard all the excuses that a mom could hear about not getting a shot. But, when my family realized that it was not only them that I was concerned with but the fact that as a person with Diabetes the "FLU" can be potentially fatal to someone like me, they took it in the arm with no harm!!

Thank you to my family for taking it in the arm with no harm! I love you guys!!! You were very brave and I love you for thinking of me and am happy that you are protected against the "FLU"!!!

I see love and thoughtfulness in my families future!!!

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themrs said...

i was just talking about this with my uncle tonight. he's the head of our local health dept and he about fell out of his chair when he found out none of us have ever had one. guess we'll be getting one this year also! hope you have a winter full of good health!!