Friday, November 7, 2008

One Dark Night

Following is a story that my daughter wrote for a school assignment. I'm pretty proud of my kids and hope that the love of writing stays with them forever! Her work has not been edited or altered in any way and has only been copied with her permission! Hope she doesn't sue me later in life!

I was walking back to my house and I noticed someone following me. I kept thinking about what my mom had told me always keep my head up and looking around, so no one would following me but like any other teenager I don't listen much. So I just kept on walking down the street looking at all the candy that I had gotten from trick or treating that night. My house was just around the corner. Not to far I thought, I thought that I should race myself to the house. On your mark, get set, GO! I dashed off into the darkness thump, thump, on the porch getting ready to go into the house and wait I must be in the wrong house. I walk outside right address. So I walk in again, Mom Dad, are you here I hear a voice in the house Honey I think someone is here! I'll get the door cried a little boy nobody's there cried the little boy. Yes I am can't you see me? The little boy shut the door right in my face. I was so shocked by the way he treated me I closed my eyes and screamed my lungs out, when I opened my eyes I had found myself in my bed in my room it was only a dream. I sighed in relief. I will never admire candy like that ever again.

The End

Now, my daughter is only 11 but I think that it's the cutiest thing that she has warned me already that teenagers don't listen. Now with the right editor I think she could be a hit!!

I believe I see book signings in my daughter's future!!!

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