Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mr. Nobody

It seems there is a Mr. Nobody that moved in when our kids were born. He is hardly noticeable. In fact I haven't talked about him for quite sometime, until recently that is....

He likes to play games....

When the children were little he used to hide their shoes and toys and boy did he love to hide the binkies! Oh and I forgot....he used to love to hide the bottles, especially the ones that were freshly made.

As the kids got older he would hide library books and hats, always just one glove and my personal checkbook.

Recently he has revived this game and is now hiding my daughters ballet shoes or her leotard or our son's baseball equipment. Sometimes our son is just missing a bat and sometimes he's just missing the whole darn bag. And boy oh boy does he love to hide their socks!

But lately things have changed and Mr. Nobody has started antagonizing my saintly husband and myself.

Why just the other day he hid my saintly husbands keys and his blackberry. We positioned ourselves strategically all over the house and proceeded to call that blackberry several times in the hopes that we would hear it playing its little tune.

As for me....well....lets just say Mr. Nobody likes the way I make my coffee....I find that cup of mojo all over the place!

Ahhhhh yes....Mr. Nobody.....What memories he brings back and it would seem he's out to make new ones! How I missed that guy!

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themrs said...

hey thanks for the help, i figured it out! i was getting bored with my old layout! mr. nobody is a FREQUENT visitor at our house. his favorite things here are binkies and library books. also library dvds. he never takes the cases, just the dvd. we are now the proud owners of a snow white dvd case and elmo. even when we moved we still did not find those dvds. apparently mr.nodody must have taken them home with him!