Monday, November 10, 2008

The "IT's"

Have you ever wondered what the top five things tweens and teens say are? I think I have some ideas.

5. The phone is ringing.....(apparently we haven't taught them how to answer the house phone)

4. My room IS clean.....I don't know what that other stuff is (by "stuff" they mean their shoes, clothes, backpacks, pillows, books, basically anything that would need to be picked up and put away)

3. I can't find....(insert anything here because they can't find anything)

2. Do I have any clean.....(again insert anything here because there comes a point where it's hard to determine whether or not their clean let alone their clothes.

and the number one saying for our tween and teen.....

I don't see "IT"!

Now let me clarify "IT". "IT" could be anything that you ask them to get for you or for themselves. Like the milk in the refrigerator or toilet paper for the bathroom or their toothbrush. Today I will be scouring the house for the list of "IT'S" that could not be located this weekend. Apparently you have to have the title of MOMMY to locate the "IT'S". Kinda like having super powers or magic.....The "IT'S" can only be summoned by the MOMMY. So today I will pretend that I am a superhero and use my special powers to find the "IT'S".

I see a superhero costume with the letter "M" on the front, and perhaps an invisible plane in my future!!


Jessica said...

okay, so i was hoping a few of those statements went away as they get older, like the "I can't find it"...thanks for bursting that bubble :-)

Shelley said...

So funny, yet so true... I am so glad to hear that this mommy isn't the only one who feels that sometimes I must be going crazy since I am the only one to find the ITS...