Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ahhh October

Ahhh Beautiful October! Don't you just love October? Pumpkins and yummy fall comfort foods....the leaves changing on the trees and the rustle of the leaves as they chase each other down the street. The sound of children playing outside that you can now hear because the temp is perfect for open windows.....

Don't be fooled....this is the official month of the beginning of all of the holiday seasons and first up we have....HALLOWEEN!!!! Yep Halloween purchases started a month ago and I'm already behind because commercialism has a months advance on all holidays. My new neighbors however started dressing their house for the season as soon as products were available. They have scarecrows, blackbirds, mums, pumpkins and graveyard markers in their yard.

Now I love to decorate and I hate being behind but this year is a financial nightmare for most of us and I have come up with a plan to decorate without spending any $$$$.

First up a saintly husbands overalls (he has several pairs, he's a country boy at heart) and a hunting shirt stuffed with the dead grass clippings from the mower and whatever our lab has dug up in the backyard. Now this has the potential to smell so we will strategically place him downwind.

Second...blackbirds....easy...I will throw bird food on the roof and wait for them to come. Of course this may cause a riot with the other birds but that's just a chance we'll have to take. I think Ms. Martha Stewart would encourage me to train my own blackbirds but we haven't time for that. it's getting tricky treatie, I have some that have come up from last year but I don't think that it would hurt to use sunflowers as a filler. They are growing plentiful on the side of the highway and I don't think it's against the law to stop and cut a few down. Of course if I get busted this could blow the whole idea of decorating without $$$$.

Fourth....Pumpkins....we have several orange t-shirts from past halloween's and if stuffed with pillows I'm sure they will look exactly like pumpkins. We'll just place them by the scarecrow, nobody's going to venture near him!

And last but not least we have the graveyard markers....well... I have been working on ours for years now. Because we know when we kick the bucket our children will have to bury us on a budget. We have matching pinewood boxes to boot!!

Happy Halloween to you all!!!! I see a busy day full of decorating in my future!!!!


Weiss Women said...

You need to come and visit us in the Big O to go to Valla's!! I just ran into your sister there yesterday! I am so glad to be able to read your blog! love, Julianne

jensbiz said...

Uh, I think you forgot to give proper credit to the very dear friend who taught you about the "roadside market". I still laugh at that original conversation of borrowing cornstalks from the back road fields for Halloween (good gosh how long ago was that?) I've been in a financial disaster for how long now? LOL Love ya Miss D!!