Tuesday, September 7, 2010

For My Son

My handsome Son,

I will try not to cry as I write this to you, but you know how I am. The biggest gift I have for you on your 16th Birthday are these words written from my heart!

The day you were born we we're expecting a baby boy. We didn't know he would almost hit the 10lb mark and we didn't know he would impact our lives in a way that would make us want to become better people so that he would always be proud of us.

You have a way, a very special way, of making people smile and of filling a room with love just because you walked into it.

You have a wisdom about you that is inspiring and a patience that is calming. You are a gentle giant! It is an honor to know you and we have been more than blessed to be your Parents.

I consider every conversation with you a gift! You make me laugh, smile, chuckle and half crazy when you don't move as quickly as I think you should. But that my son is what is so special about you. You never do what "We" think you should do. You ALWAYS do what's right. If the sign says 45mph we're gonna go 45. If it says no left turn for ten miles. We're not turning left for ten miles even if we could.

You are the person who doesn't lie, cheat, or steal. And in these times that is extremely rare. You've gone through some very difficult times at a very young age. Times that would push a grown person to their breaking point. You handled it all with grace and God by your side. You never wavered from truth!

The Very best years of life are ahead of you! you have grown taller than me and stronger than me! You now mow the grass and drive me around in the car! You do laundry, cook , clean and hold my hand so that I don't slip and fall. All the things I used to do for you I watch you now as your do them for me and for yourself.

You have gown into a fine young man, but never doubt that I will always see you as my baby boy!! I'll love you forever, I'll love you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be!

Someday you and I will dance at your wedding and I will cry tears of joy for I will know that like your brother you will have found the very next best part of your life. She will be a very special woman to win your heart and she is worth waiting for!

So until then, we have many things to look forward to! Graduation, College and many adventures in-between!

I love you Buddy!!!!!!!!!

Happy B-day!!!!!!!!
Love MOM

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